Don’t Try So Hard

Sometimes the result is better when you just let go and let the design step forward.

Intuitive painting has taught me that it’s okay to start even though I don’t have all the answers. This is where art mirrors life; if we wait for that perfect moment when we know exactly what we want and we have the right amount of time available to do a thorough job, we may never get the chance to try out new ideas.

I scribble when I don’t know what to paint. If that doesn’t reveal anything interesting, I’ll put paint on my fingers and start dabbing. Still not enough? Collage, sponges, palette knives — they’re there to be used so I just grab whatever’s within reach and keep playing until something grabs my attention.

This whimsical flute player emerged from a charcoal and pencil scribble. It may not be fine art but every time I look at it I remember the fun I had and the big surprise I got when my scribble took on a life of its own.




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