I named this site “Just add Gesso” because that’s what I tell  myself when a piece is going sideways and threatens to become a clunker beyond redemption. Slathered on generously or dry brushed with the lightest touch, Gesso will cover a thousand sins, leaving a fresh new working surface ready to receive a little magic. 

I love painting and experimenting with art supplies. My “studio” is a large area at the end of our living room which means I can play as much as I want and still hang out with hubby.

Right now, my favourite contemporary artists are Deb Weiers, Juliette Crane, Christina Romeo and Mindy Lacefield. My favourite teacher is Gisèle Grenier — I highly recommend her courses and art community.

You may notice that some of my pieces have a seam running down the centre. That’s because I paint in art journals made from altered books. The crease happens when a painting is spread over two pages. If you’re interested in repurposing unloved or damaged books, there are hundreds of how-to videos and articles to help you get started. Just search the ‘net using the words ‘altered book.’


Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this page. If you have a website or a social account, leave it below in the comments and I’ll look for you.

Wishing you all the best of the day.


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