Art Journals: A Way Through Change

Crocus - A digital painting by Susan Wright-Boucher

Remaking one’s self to better resemble the person within shouldn’t be so messy — but the truth is, it can shake up the people around you.

For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its Continue reading “Art Journals: A Way Through Change”


How to Draw or Paint a Whimsical Character

My best artwork starts out with no intention, no particular goal. That’s how this Martian Man painting came about. I’ll tell you how I made him so you can try the process yourself.

1. Start with a Scribble

Grab a crayon, a pencil, or a stick of charcoal and make a few broad scribbles on the page. If you’re having trouble making the first mark, use your non-dominant hand. That will silence your internal perfectionist so you can play freely. Yes, this is play. We’re not recreating Rembrandt.  Continue reading “How to Draw or Paint a Whimsical Character”