The Freeing Power of “So What?”

Grow Young by Susan Wright-Boucher

When we moved to Vancouver, I didn’t want to unpack my painting supplies. They stayed in their box, tucked away on the highest shelf for 6 or 7 years. If anyone asked, I said our new home lacked a good artist’s space.

Eventually, creativity won and I began playing with art again — first, digital art — and later making drawings on scrap paper.

I did a lot of ballpoint pen drawings like these sunflowers.

Sunflower City - © Susan Wright-Boucher 2016
Sunflower City – Ballpoint pen and coloured pencil

You already know that my paints finally left their dark box to see the light of day but you don’t know why.  Continue reading “The Freeing Power of “So What?””


Art Journals: A Way Through Change

Arukas Garden by Susan Wright-Boucher

Remaking one’s self to better resemble the person within shouldn’t be so messy — but the truth is, it can shake up the people around you.

For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its Continue reading “Art Journals: A Way Through Change”

Don’t Try So Hard

Sometimes the result is better when you just let go and let the design step forward.

Intuitive painting has taught me that it’s okay to start even though I don’t have all the answers. This is where art mirrors life; if we wait for that perfect moment when we know exactly what we want and we have the right amount of time available to do a thorough job, we may never get the chance to try out new ideas. Continue reading “Don’t Try So Hard”

How to Draw or Paint a Whimsical Character

Mark making tools on

My best artwork starts out with no intention, no particular goal. In this post, I’ll tell you how I use an intuitive process to create a lot of my whimsical characters so you can try it out yourself.

1. Start with a Scribble

Grab a crayon, a pencil, or a stick of charcoal and make a few broad scribbles on the page. If you’re having trouble making the first mark, use your non-dominant hand. That will silence your internal perfectionist so you can play freely. Yes, this is play. We’re not painting a Rembrandt.  Continue reading “How to Draw or Paint a Whimsical Character”